Friday, 5 July 2013

Strength and conditioning for triathlon part two

Strength and conditioning for triathlon part two

in the last issue we looked at two forms of squats, this issue we will look at two more types of leg exercise, namely the step up and bulgarian split squats. Both exercises re great single leg exercises for developing strentgh.

The Step Up
Ensure that the box used for this exercise is

> 12-18" minimum off the floor
> or at least high enough to create a right angle on the knee bend non
> slip surface on the top wide enough for the lifters foot to be placed
> fully on top

> Ensure that the bar is approximately armpit height, move towards the bar and place the bar in the low or high position across the back, hips and feet should be directly below the bar.

> a pronated grip approximately more than shoulder width should be adopted.
> elbows should be raised to form a shelf to be created across the back
> so the bar does not slip

> step up onto the box from a standing position with the lead leg, ensure the trail leg is in contact with the floor.

> do not push off the trail leg, ensure that your torso is square and erect throughout the exercise.

> pause at the top of the exercise and

> then shift your weight back to the trail leg before returning the lead leg back to the start position.

*ensure that a spotter is used throughout the exercise

Bulgarian split squats

> grasp the bar in a pronated grip and the bar is in the low or high position across the back, grip should be just outside shoulder width apart.

> stand in front of a bench or box and place the rear foot on the bench

> Ensure that your weight is placed evenly throughout the lead foot with
> the knee in line with your toes

>lower to a point ensuring the the thigh of the lead leg is parallel or
>almost parallel to the floor

> Ensure that the torso remains erect and square to avoid bending over

> the knee should not lock out at the top of the movement.

both of these exercises are great for single leg strength and should be practiced regularly throughout your strength and conditioning programme.

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